Monday, June 11, 2018

Update: Back in Ohio

Hello Again Folks,

As I wrote back on March 24, I had been living in Saco, Maine to work for The Ecology School as an ecology educator for their spring term. Sadly, the amazing season came to an end on June 8. The good news is that I will be transitioning to a new job in a few days.

For the next year, I will be working for the Greening Youth Foundation as a public affairs intern specializing in photojournalism at Ohio's Wayne National Forest. As some of you might remember, I previously worked at Wayne National Forest as a wildlife biology intern. I'm very excited to be working at Wayne National Forest again, and I'm also extremely excited to be trying my hand out at photojournalism in a more professional sense (as I already have been doing so on an amateur level for years).

As such, I'll be living once again in southeastern Ohio, near the Athens area. I'll also have a lot more time for blogging, as working at an environmental education camp tends to suck up all your free time. In fact, I have several posts in the works as of now, so keep your eye out for them!

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