Saturday, May 6, 2017


Rehabilitated Osprey on Poplar Island, Maryland.
Every so often, especially when there's a big change in my life, I like to give a brief update. This is such a time. 

On Thursday, April 27, I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor of science degree in wildlife and conservation biology. These past four years at Ohio University were filled with absolutely amazing experiences. Thanks to my education, I have traveled more than I have ever traveled before, and to places I had never imagined I would.

Sonoran Desert Toad, Sabino Canyon, Arizona
One of the best perks of majoring in wildlife and conservation biology wasby fargetting to see and interact with an incredible variety of animals. I have been lucky enough to see many more species than I dreamed to.

Olivia Brooks (L), Alayna Tokash (C), and me (R) looking for Great Horned Owls in a snow squall. We were successful!
I also met many amazing people while at OU and beyond, and they have all helped me grow as a budding biologist, naturalist, and person.

Photo courtesy of Chase Rokitt (Wikimedia Commons Contributor).
What's next? I will be working at Wayne National Forest for 12 weeks, starting on Monday. I will be surveying wildlife along a proposed mountain bike trail as part of the required environmental impact assessment. After that job ends in August, who knows! I am hoping to find an environmental education job somewhere, so if anyone knows of a place looking to hire a naturalist, I'll be available!

As always, I'll continue to post on this blog. I've been a little quiet recently, as the past semester has been incredibly hectic and time consuming. Hopefully with college done for now, I will have more free time to take photos and write blog posts!

And finally, thanks to all the readers of this blog. Your continued support pushes me to learn more and find cooler things to write about.


  1. Congrats, Kyle! Your passion will take you far and whatever environment gains you as a naturalist will benefit from it. -Stacy (another Bobcat alum)

  2. Left message couple days ago but the director of Licking Co Parks is leaving.
    Rick from south licking